At Etz & Steel, our work represents over three decades of experience crafting beautiful hardwood products. We pair hand-crafted slabs of richly figured air and kiln-dried wood with sturdy legs forged from American steel. The final result is the perfect marriage of organic warmth and contemporary cool, fitting for any style or setting. Each product is one-of-a-kind in every way - click each photo or collection name to view the entire line.


Our biggest and boldest collection yet. We used only thicker slabs that have taken more than a year to cure. Pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and design, we created something we've never seen before - innovative designs with beautiful exposed wood joints.

A Dream On Elm Street

What do you get when you take two beautiful slabs of perfectly bookmatched elm and joint them seamlessly? A Dream On Elm Street – our collection of elm dining tables with unbelievable color, incredible sweeping textures, and distinctive shapes.

White Oak | Black Smoke

Solid slabs of hand-scraped white oak, ebonized for stunning effect. The black stain and slight distressing gives each table an incredibly unique modern look. Pair with black legs for a bold statement piece, or choose white or chrome for contrast.

Wonderful Walnuts

We used only the finest walnut slabs for this gorgeous collection, unique in shape and rich in color. The glossy finish is a looking glass for the swirling grains, exquisite texture, and dark natural wood.

Marvelous Maples

Light and dark hues of natural wood are contrasted to an astounding  and tantalizing effect. Finished with a stunning semi-gloss coat, highlighting the beauty and durability of luxurious hard maple.

Hand-Scraped Selection

Our artisans delicately hand-scrape and wire-brush each table. This labor intensive process increases the natural beauty of the wood. The result is a popular 'distressed' look and feel.